Financial Planning

Financial planning is fundamental to assist individuals to reach goals in life by helping to save and cover individuals and families for future life events that may need adequate funding. Financial planning is more than just having a savings account or a retirement annuity, there are a wide range of products in today’s market that are better for dealing with clients at numerous different life stages. The process requires individuals to establish financial goals, assess what assets and liabilities they have, evaluate their current situation, develop & implement the plan and finally to monitor and review yearly and make adjustments if need be. Financial advisors can help individuals through this process step by step.


Essential products to any successful financial plan

Medical Aid

Having a good hospital plan in place can insure you will be looked after should you injure yourself in any way and are in need of medical attention. Today’s market offers a wide range of great medical aids to suit any individual or family.

Having a life and severe illness cover in place provides your dependents with a certain level of financial safety should you die or fall severely ill unexpectedly. Having these tools in place can ensure that your family can cope with financial constraints after you are gone or unable to work or need money for a major medical surgery.

Income Protection

Income protection pays out a regular cash payment that replaces part of your lost income if you can't work due to a medium to long-term illness or disability. It can also be called 'permanent health insurance' (PHI) - but is not the same thing as private health insurance. This way if you are injured and are not able to work in your profession anymore then you will still be able to receive a monthly income until your retirement age.

Business Assurance

Why is business assurance important? Because it provides a much needed cash injection should a key member pass away, become disabled or fall severely ill and be forced to leave the business and not be able to contribute any longer. This cash injection can protect shareholders and their families from the risk of business failure and ensures there is enough money to buy back the shares from the families of the deceased. The injection can cover the costs of business interruption by helping to train a new employee, repaying fixed costs, replacing revenue, etc. Lastly, having business assurance can also protect your debt as it will insure that your debt is payed back if something were to happen to you leaving your personal assets safe and protected.

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