Estate Planning

Estate Planning is crucial for people who want to provide adequately for their family and loved ones after they have passed away. Individuals should prepare their estate while trying to minimize the tax bite from government and so that they can make sure of the disposition of their assets with regards to the selected beneficiaries. Beta Wealth handles all aspects of estate planning for its clients so that they may rest easy knowing that their loved ones will be provided for adequately.

Fiduciary services

A fiduciary is responsible for managing the assets of another person, or of a group of people. Our managers act in the best interests of clients if entrusted in good faith by clients to be fiduciaries to their estate.

Wills drafting

Some people seem to think that once you have drafted a will once, you are done. However, this can negatively affect your beneficiaries as life can bring about many changes over time, therefore it is of utmost importance that individuals review and update their will and testament after big life events. Here are a few important life events after which individuals should review their wills:

  • After new children, relatives or friends enter the picture
  • You move to somewhere else
  • You’ve come into some money
  • You get divorced
  • Your spouse passes away
  • You’ve had a change of heart with regards to your first drafted will
  • You want to account for charitable living


Living trusts, also known as Inter Vivos trusts in South Africa are becoming an increasingly attractive option for individuals as you can create and set them up in your lifetime to ensure that your family and loved ones will be provided for after your death.

There are many benefits to this form of estate planning, some of which include:

  • It makes sure that your assets are under continuous management by a professional
  • It protects your assets
  • Preserves your wealth for future generations
  • Helps to minimise estate duties
  • Can finance your children’s educations and careers
  • Can accept donations and bequests
  • Can borrow money for the purposes of the trust

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