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We understand that choosing a finance planning partner is a difficult and emotive decision. You need to partner with a secure and stable company who will understand their clients’ needs and puts their client’s interest first. We strive to deliver world class professional financial planning and enhance each client's wealth management experience.

Beta Wealth is a Management Owner Company whereby we take great care in assisting our clients to make informed decision about their financial future. We provide a level or experience and tailored financial solutions which cannot be matched or replicated. Our extensive experience and teams of dedicated financial, wealth and asset management specialists provide you with access to the best financial planning solutions for you and your business.

Being a flat and lean organization we can react and respond significantly faster and help you to maximize your potential by using our services.

Frequently Asked Questions?

• An experienced team of professional investment advisors • Exposure to quality investment products • Low cost insurance solutions

  • Beta Wealth is a regulated Financial Service Provider.
  • Stringent compliance within the Financial Service Board (FSB) framework.
  • Investment risk is generally unavoidable. Thorough client due diligence through a needs and risk analysis helps provide suitable solutions to mitigate these risks.

  • • Your financial circumstances may change over time. Our personal relationship with you should enable flexibility through ongoing communication. • Investment risk means your capital may go up or down. Preservation of your capital over time is a critical part of our philosophy. • What if your expectations are not met? The financial service sector has provisioned for the consumer through an Ombudsman. This institution enables consumers of financial products to channel complaints through a stipulated process.

    We are a financial services company which is unashamedly different from the run of the mill financial services providers!

    We are re-imaging the investment process to make it easier and more efficient for YOU, the consumer.  Beta Wealth is building an automated Investment Service which will pave the way for a new generation of investors to achieve their financial goals. We believe that we can change the financial service industry and build something better.

    We are empowering our clients like never before.  Our main goal is to listen to our clients before we recommend, plan before we advise and assess every possible alternative and angle there is before investing your hard earned money.  Thus providing solid investment and financial planning solutions to benefit you (our client) in the long run.

    Our aim is to use our experience, knowledge and skills to change your life for the better. We feel that our goal is to take you on a journey to manage, preserve and protect your wealth, may it be for the long haul or even for a short term investment.

    Beta Wealth values what we have to offer you because we thrive on what we do for a living & know that we make a difference each and every day. 

    Our Awesome Team


    Henry Poulos
    Wealth Manager

    Henry graduated from UCT with a Bachelor of Business Science honours degree majoring in Finance. He also successfully completed a Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning at the University of Stellenbosch Business School. He gained financial experience in Cape Town and London at large corporates including Standard Bank and JP Morgan.

    Included in his passion for investments and risk cover, property is also something that he enjoys. With his own share portfolio and investment property Henry is able to lead by example when it comes to pursuing sound financial planning.

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